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Mission & Creeds

Our Mission

MMIS creates a culture and community that fosters student achievement through collaboration and engagement to inspire growth and promote lifelong learning through high standards and celebrating success.

Our Creeds

3rd Grade Creed 2023-2024

I am a third grade warrior. I will work with my classmates to accomplish my goals. Respect is my armor, solvingproblems is my sword, and being proud is my shield. My classmates are my army. I will lead by example. My mission is to be the best!

4th Grade Creed 2023-2024

I am a 4th grader. I am a leader. I model kindness and respect. Listening is my tool to learn. I am hardworking and responsible. I am an encourager. I pledge to do my BEST! I am a 4th grader.

5th Grade Creed 2023-2024

We are fifth graders. We greet others to make them feel welcome. We will be safe. We are considerate and helpful to everyone. We are responsible for our actions, our belongings, and our work. We are courageous and we take risks. We pledge to do our best at school. We can be examples for others and we will always be smart in our own ways. We are fifth graders.